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About the project

Welcome to the ‘How should decisions about heritage be made?’ website. The project ran between 2013-2015.

Here you can find out the project, about the processes we went through to collaboratively design the research project, what we did during our research process and about our key project ideas.

The outcomes of the ‘How should heritage decisions be made?’ are focused on ‘how to increase participation from wherever you are’. Through a research process which emphasized both learning from the know-how of the practitioners and activists in the research team and our experimental research techniques, we identified four ways of working....


Make a change from where you are


Cross boundaries and collaborate


See your work through other people’s eyes


Understand your work in context


Networked Heritage

Gareth Maeer, Head of Research & Evaluation, Heritage Lottery Fund All communities are imagined. Geographic dividers help our minds to segment – a road, a river, a mountain range – but our attachments to ‘place’ spring from the connections we all make between heritage, identity and place. Beneath all the bluster, the blizzard of competing...

My Future York at the Utopia Fair

By Liz Stainforth, PhD research based in the Centre for Critical Studies Museums, Galleries and Heritage, University of Leeds Over the weekend of the 24-26 June some of the My Future York team headed down to London in a minibus to take up our stall at the Utopia Fair (Somerset House). I went, along with...

My Future York

The Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities Festival 2016 will take place across the UK culminating in a series of stall and workshops to be held 24 to 26 June. The Festival is part of the Somerset House’s UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility which commemorates the 500th anniversary of the publication...

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